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Power to Shift Your World

The world has shifted — and it's calling upon us to shift too.

Bill Fox
Bill Fox
3 min read
Power to Shift Your World
The future is already here, and it's unexpectedly and suddenly different than we'd planned or imagined — even just yesterday.
— Bill Fox, The Future of the Workplace

Your world has shifted

The world has shifted — and it's calling upon us to shift too.

You already know and experience that. That's why you're here.

Yet, most of the world is still stuck in industrial age ways of thinking, living, and working.

That means when everything changes so quickly, it leaves us trapped living in the past.

Now is the time to make the shift to creating the future.

In 2009, I left my corporate job without a net because I wanted to fix something that I saw was repeatedly not working.

I had witnessed and been part of far too many change initiatives that didn't change anything or last.

Lance Secretan, Leadership coach and former Fortune 100 CEO, calls it the Bellwether Effect — too often, we copy what other people and companies are doing without really thinking about it.

That singular decision to leave my corporate job seemed to set my life on a different path — starting on day one.

Several years after I left, I received a surprising call from an executive at that company asking me to come back and talk to his team about my inner leader journey.

My world had indeed shifted. As Stephen Covey says, “Change — real change — comes from the inside out.”

Power to shift your world

Like many of you, the pandemic has caused me to reflect and think deeply about my priorities and work.

My own reflection resulted in a significant shift in what I write about in this newsletter.

I have been sharing a lot more about my inner leader journey and what I've learned along the way.

It has resulted in more feedback and interaction with people than anything I've ever published, so I'm giving it more attention and exploring ways to make it more helpful.

Wanting to do more, I'm bringing all of these newsletters together into a new portal.

The new portal at on the platform will make it easier to access the complete collection of newsletters and offer membership options.

The membership options will enable me to provide more opportunities to bring people together and support me in doing this work.

Please consider joining as a member at the free or one of the paid membership options.

Together, we'll open up new pathways, learn to make better decisions, and be leaders of tomorrow — today.

What's next

All the newsletters from the past year are being migrated into the new blog, which will complete soon.

Because there is still a lot of interest in the interviews at Exploring Forward Thinking Workplaces, I will continue to publish a newsletter separately for this audience.

The newsletter lists have become conflated over the past year, so I will come up with a way for people to let me know their preference and whether they prefer one or both newsletters.

In April, I will start the next Space Beyond Boundaries workshop on April 21, 2021. You can sign up now at the website.

More information on the workshop will be published next week. I hope you will consider joining me there.

To your forward thinking life & success!
⏤ Bill

Bill Fox, Author and Founder at Forward Thinking Pro and Forward Thinking Workplaces

“It has been a most enjoyable and enriching experience taking part in the Space Beyond Boundaries sessions, and I've benefitted greatly from the philosophical headspace activated by these sessions. The discussions we've had have caused thoughts and ideas to filter out into other parts of my work, such as my writing and my ideas for where I want my business to go. It created valuable thinking space.” — Mich Bondesio, Founder, Growth Sessions

Bill Fox

Founder of Forward Thinking Pro and author of The Future of the Workplace. I help you discover new pathways, make better decisions, and be a leader of a better tomorrow — today.